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6th grade

Contact Kenia Acosta  Kenia Acosta ex: 24106 Teacher
Contact Tiya Cannon  Tiya Cannon (909) 879-7308 ex: 24210/26101 6th Grade Math/Science & ASB Advisor
Contact Kimberly Hughes  Kimberly Hughes ex: 24201 6th Grade Math/Science & AVID Teacher
Contact Marlon McMillon  Marlon McMillon ex: 24206 Teacher
Contact Lydia Mims-Williams  Lydia Mims-Williams ex: 24202 6th Grade AVID, Math and Science
Contact John Wilson  John Wilson ex: 24109 Teacher

7th grade

Contact Teresa Capalla  Teresa Capalla ex: 25204 Teacher
Contact Seryna Huynh  Seryna Huynh ex: 25305 7th Grade Math
Contact Mrs Sannes  Mrs Sannes ex: 25203 Teacher

8th grade

Contact Daniel Martinez  Daniel Martinez ex: 25108 8th Math/Robotics Teacher & Webmaster
Contact Gorge Pulido  Gorge Pulido ex: 25103 Teacher
Contact Judith Ulloa  Judith Ulloa ex: 25104 8th grade Teacher/Math Department Chair


Contact Veronica Jefferson  Veronica Jefferson ex: 24209 Math Intervention Strategist

Mathematics Homepage

Welcome students to middle school math at RMS!

Welcome parents to your portal for everything mathematics!

Welcome teachers to your mathematical resource library!

mathematics knows no races

The Mathematics program at RMS has undergone many changes with the transition to the Common Core and supplemental California Common Core State Standards. At the heart of the Rialto Middle Mathematics Department lies the belief that ALL students are capable of effective problem solving and mathematical success.

We are also continuing to evolve our courses year after year in order to give students more experiences with real-world engaging mathematics and complex tasks. We look forward to unveiling these lessons as they are developed. 

to no know math is a sever limitation to understanding the world

The Department wants to emphasize to students, parents, and fellow teachers that productive struggle is a part of the learning process and mistakes, wrong answers, and mathematical argumentation are learning opportunities that should be explored and celebrated in the classroom. We challenge students to take academic risks and push their knowledge and understandings to the limit just like real life career mathematicians!

math is the language of the universe
each child, each task, each dayq

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